Prayers for Deliverance

But one point Beth vehemently makes in the Introduction to her book Praying God’s Word is this: “God is far more interested in our relationship with the Deliverer than our being delivered.” That struck me as odd: doesn’t God call His people to repentance and offer deliverance all throughout the Bible? Yes, He sure does. He tells them to return to Him, and He will be their God and they will be His people. He will heal them and forgive them because He loves them. God delivers people so that they can be wholly devoted to Him. He heard the cries of the Israelites and brought them out of slavery, and He immediately began to form them into being people of God – people who are holy and like Him. The three young men thrown into the fiery furnace in Babylon spoke with boldness and were delivered.

God brought about deliverance throughout the Bible.
But sometimes He didn’t.


Seeing God in Helplessness

The story doesn’t always turn out how we expect, especially when God is involved. The Old Testament is filled with stories that end with, “Well, I didn’t see that one coming.” I’m on a quest to find these stories. Honestly, the plot twist is utterly ridiculous. Stories aren’t supposed to end like that, especially in the violent world of the Old Testament! But God’s mercy shows up. Here are a couple of them that have stood out to me recently.