About Value in Purity Conferences

Welcome to Value in Purity Conferences!

What began several years ago as a dream to put on one overnight purity retreat for middle school girls has been growing into something spectacular. Sarah wanted to share with the girls in her 7th and 8th grade girls’ Sunday School class why modesty and purity are important. She asked her friends Allison and Katrina to help her put together a retreat focusing on how young women are valued and treasured by God. The middle school girls especially loved the fashion show, where they were invited to turn immodest outfits into something more modest. In March 2014, they were invited to Katrina’s church for a similar retreat. There they were joined by new friend, Stephanie, whose incredible testimony of God’s redeeming and restoring love just had to be shared.

These four young women knew that these retreats were so unique to anything else that the church is doing. This only fueled the burden they felt to expand the overnight retreats. These four continued to pray for months for direction and opportunities to share. Then all at once, several invitations came. More overnight retreats are scheduled. A road trip is being planned. Doors keep opening, and although we don’t know what is next, we are excited to chase after God on this new adventure. God is doing a new thing!

Feel free to comment on our posts, or email us at: valueinpurityconferences@gmail.com.


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