Free From Her Suffering

By Katrina

Mark 5:29

“…and she felt in her body that she was free from her suffering.”

All day this line has been swimming through my head. In fact, I cannot stop thinking about this woman – this woman that reached a breaking point with her suffering. This woman who had had enough. This woman who had been separated from friends. From family. For 12 long years. What caused her to risk going out into that crowd that day as an unclean, unfit person- and to believe that she should touch the Son of God! Heaven only knows the bravery that took. But here is a glimpse into the kingdom of Heaven: what was the earthly standard is now what is the Heavenly standard. Did this woman really have anything to lose? She had spent every last penny on doctors with no results to show for it. She had been separated from all relationships.

Constant bleeding leaves you drained of all energy for enjoying life. Truly, what else did she have to live for? She had lost it all. And in the midst of her loss, she does what outsiders might think to be unthinkable, but really she had no choice. She had to touch Messiah. For with Messiah, the Anointed One, lies healing. Have you ever reached a breaking point like that? A point of desperation where all you do is shut out what other people think and say would be the “right” thing to do and just take the plunge to touch Messiah?! And when you did, did you literally feel in your body that you were free from your suffering? I did.

I tended to want people’s approval, and I just wanted people – mainly my parents – to tell me what to do in life. Honestly, I didn’t want to make these decisions on my own! But, as time wore on, a people pleasing wasn’t working. I was dying a slow death- miserable, really, and though it was scary to move on it was even scarier to stay. I think that is what this woman felt. She took the plunge, and touched Jesus. In the depths of her desperate soul this woman reached out to touch Jesus, and he felt power go out from Him. Just think of the soul connection!

Last Friday night I was web streaming a service. During the prayer time, the leader said, “If you have pain in your right knee and it has been ongoing and you’ve just been dealing with it, we want to pray for healing for you tonight.” That was me! I stopped my cleaning and kneeled down on the floor and said, “yes, Lord, that is me! I need healing in my right knee.” My knee popped, and immediately I felt in my body that I was free from my suffering. God healed me miraculously that night!

Healing happens as an outward sign of what happens inwardly- as a sign that the Kingdom of Heaven has come- and it is alive and active on the earth today. Today, if you need healing know this- Jesus wants to say to you, “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering.”


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