Personal Style

By Katrina Plank

Let me tell you about fashion in my formative years. I specifically remember one girl who wore short skirts over her jeans. It was different at the time, but modest, and I kind of liked it. Of course, no one did that back then, and she took some teasing from all the “cool” girls, but then the next year, they were all doing it! Short tops and low rise flare jeans (not to be confused with the Bell Bottom!) was the fad for middle and high school students in the early 2000s. I remember this being one of the challenges parents and school officials fought daily. Then there was an article that my mom gave to me to prove the point that I should not be wearing the low rise jeans: it was written about the physical dangers of jeans that were too tight. Apparently these trendy jeans were cutting off circulation in the legs and causing health problems, not to mention that if you bent over, there was the possibility of your pants ripping right down the center! We also saw a great deal of “V’s” from thongs when young ladies (and sometimes not-so-young ladies) wearing the current fashion bent over. I laugh looking back on all of this. Dressing was so complicated back then!

As I have studied current fashion trends and done my share of Pinteresting, shopping at boutiques and stores around the world, hunting for bargains in thrift stores, and most importantly having found a better sense of who I am, I have finally gotten to what works for my body and what my style is. From watching you lovely ladies at VIP conferences, I have taken note how the way that a young woman is dressed influences the way that she carries herself and interacts with others. As much fun as it is to dress “immodestly” and “jokingly” for the fashion shows we have, I have noticed that a certain beauty from within emerges when the modest, fashion-forward and super cute versions of outfits emerge the second time around and we all applaud this great feat. There is great dignity when a young woman dresses modestly while adding an interesting, colorful and uniquely-her-own spin to different outfits she may have.

Kay, one of my dear friends, is a woman in her 50s who dresses dramatically, and she always appears stunning! She is not afraid to wear a dramatic piece of jewelry with a dramatic duster, and her makeup always compliments her wardrobe. The way that she dresses gives her a confidence to carry herself in a way that commands respect. When I think of women I admire and wouldn’t mind being and even dressing like, she is one that comes to mind. The key here is that she is comfortable with who she is and she enjoys doing fun things with her clothing: she has a style that is hers to own!

Jesus says in John 10:10, “The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy. I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full.” Life in Jesus is FULL!!! And, when it comes to dressing, it is not being vain to put effort into your look and personal style to make it attractive, flattering and interesting. When Godly women dress well, the world notices, and it brings glory to God’s name and upholds the name of Christ. There is personal satisfaction in knowing that you look good on the outside, but it is also a reflection of how good you also look on the inside. So, sisters, be encouraged to have a blast on this never-ending quest of personal style and know that we are all in this together!

P.S. On a personal note, I like to dress according to my mood – sometimes I feel like a hard, rock look with a feminine touch and sometimes I want to go with an easy, casual look like a denim vest over a maxi dress. Whatever I choose to put on, I try to look at myself and think, “Do I feel comfortable in this? Will I be embarrassed if I bend/move a certain way? Does this bring glory to Jesus as his daughter?”


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