The First Retreat!

We are thrilled to watch as God grows the Value in Purity Conferences! This past weekend, the four ladies of VIP headed over to Westside Church for a stellar retreat. We enjoyed much time of fellowship and sharing Saturday VIP 008evening as well as connecting with the mothers and even more young ladies Sunday morning at the Mother/Daughter Brunch. We met such precious young ladies at Westside who clearly have passions to follow Christ.

There were nine young ladies who joined us at the retreat. Most of VIP’s retreats so far have been fairly small, which we are seeing as an advantage. These smaller groups give us each a chance to connect with individuals on deeper levels. Every time I looked across the room, I saw students, sponsors, and the VIP ladies sitting in conversation with one another. My partners in VIP as well as students would come up to me out of amazement with another story of these conversations that just flowed. God was definitely at work in the placement of small groups and in exchanges that followed. The fashion show was late due to great discussion in small groups! I love to see those barriers of fear and shame being demolished. I’ve found that in sharing my own story and struggles, others who question their own confidence VIP 009can relate and share. Indeed we are grateful for the opportunity to get to know these young ladies.

VIP 006

The girls raved about hearing our testimonies. Instead of having just one person share their story, VIP presents all four of our different life viewpoints and our journeys to discovering our own value in purity. We are not superstars or super Christians; we’re simply young women seeking to offer our lives to God in view of all He has done for us. Let me tell you: there’s nothing quite like sharing accounts of your own struggles and mistakes in front of a group of teenagers, but there’s nothing like finishing that story calling how God victoriously redeemed you.

And of course, there’s the fashion show. The immodest-to-modest fashion show is always a blast. We do a hands-on fashion show where the girls get to choose and model their own outfits. The ones not presently modeling have a chance to decide if their peers’ outfits should be deemed modest or immodest, but it’s pretty clear which one they’re going for. A few of the girls talking at the brunch made this comment: “It’s easy to turn an immodest outfit into a modest one.” And they’re right! The immodest outfit is then modified – tank tops layered, lacy VIP 003camis added class to a low neckline, leggings paired with short skirts, and so on. Let me tell you: these girls have some serious fashion. They know how to be appropriate and stylish with their wardrobe choices. It’s amazing to see how the transformation of outfits affects not only a young lady’s modesty but also her posture and confidence. These girls embraced the runway and even used it for a dance party stage after the fashion show.

Spending much of the weekend with these amazing young ladies at Westside was a ton of fun! We are looking forward to future retreats!


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