Welcome to VIP!

This week, as I have been reflecting on Value in Purity (VIP) conferences, what an amazing opportunity for ministry we have set before us, and what we still have to do, I was again impressed that I need to be writing for VIP. Earlier this week, I got home from work and decided to take a walk in the few minutes until it grew dark. We have had an incredibly mild January, and I want to appreciate every moment of a 55 degree day at the end of January!!! As I gathered my keys and phone, I felt impressed to text my friend and fellow conference speaker, Allison. She had stopped by my office that afternoon, and we had talked for awhile about the upcoming purity retreats and how we are learning the fundamentals of starting up a business. Never thought I’d start a business! This is crazy and overwhelming, but I know God has great and amazing things in store for us as we are obedient to Him.

During our conversation, I felt impressed to begin sharing my commissioning to blogging. This weekend, I had had that same thought that I needed to start blogging for our group. Oh, and also one day last week on my lunch break, I filled up what is probably about the max for a note on the iPhone with thoughts for my testimony and other themes we need to be exploring with the girls. The thought wasn’t very well developed, so I didn’t say anything. I planned to spend some evenings brainstorming topics and writing snippets of thoughts, beginning to string together what I’ve jotted down in my phone and journal. But the Lord said no, it was time to start the conversation now about the blog. It’s something must be started now. And I don’t feel ready.

I texted Allison quickly and then began to pray, asking the Lord how to fill this blog. My thought was that I would talk to the Lord during my walk. He answered immediately, asking me what I wanted to write about. I want to honor Him and use my words to impress the image of the love of my Savior upon the hearts of young women. We are choosing to use these conferences and retreats as a way to reach young girls with the truth that they are valued, loved, and treasured beyond anything they could hope for. They have worth. They are wanted. They are pursued by the One who highly seeks after the ones He calls. What a blessing.

God whispered to me that I need to begin dreaming. So I did. I jotted down a few thoughts, beginning with a statement of purpose: this blog is to be a platform for daily encouragement. We can share updates, expand on our testimonies, include daily devotional thoughts, and more. Also, we need to start a Pinterest page! How fun! I’ve always wanted to get paid to pin! (Ok, I’m not being paid…yet.)

We are being called to minister to teenage girls – and their families. We are already talking about how we can add some godly men to our team to begin a ministry to teenage guys. We are looking at having a brunch after the sleepovers for teen girls and their mothers to attend. Our day conferences will include a parent session. Someone recently suggested that parents of (older) teens begin mentoring parents with pre-teen and even elementary-age children. How cool would that be – a support network for parents? I think that’s a big part of why the Body of Christ is supposed to come together so frequently.

I love how VIP is combining my passions and strengths: ministering to teenage girls, writing, pinning, and teaching the Word of God. I also love that I am sharing this dream with three of my closest friends: Allison, Katrina, and Stephanie. You guys, I am so excited right now! This is Kingdom Building. This is wildly pursuing the God of the universe on a wild, unknown adventure.

And I have so much to learn.


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